2060 DM 90 IX

fireplace, wall, width: 90 cm/circulation, drainage engines: 1, speed: 4, performance: 574 m3/h, Max. noise level: 64 DB, filter pollution indicator, an intense mode, halogen lamp, color: Silver/glass 2060 DM 90 IX
General characteristics 2060 DM 90 IX
Installation fireplace
Type of fireplace hoods vertical solution
Modes of operation bypass/circulation
Type of control electronic
Number of engines 1
Number of speeds 4
Performance 574 m³/h
Lighting 2060 DM 90 IX
Type of lighting halogen lamp
Power of each lamp 20 W
Number of lamps Lighting 4
Adjusting Brightness
Focus lighting
Additional information 2060 DM 90 IX
Light pollution filter
Antivozvratnyj valve
Intensive treatment
Interval work
Max. noise level 64 DB
Game console or on the sensor
Remote Control
Non-soiling the surface
Color Silver/glass