DD 6460 M

fireplace, wall, width: 60 cm, elbow/circulation, engines: 1, speed: 3, speed: 530 m 3/h, intensive treatment, halogen lamp, colour: grey DD 6460 M
General characteristics DD 6460 M
Installation fireplace
Type of fireplace hoods vertical solution
Modes of operation bypass/circulation
Type of control mechanical
Controls polzunkovoe
Number of engines 1
Number of speeds 3
Performance 530 m3/h
Lighting DD 6460 M
Type of lighting halogen lamp
Power of each lamp 20 W
Number of lamps Lighting 2
Adjusting Brightness
Focus lighting
Additional information DD 6460 M
Filter fat
Light pollution filter
Antivozvratnyj valve
Intensive treatment
Interval work
Game console or on the sensor
Remote Control
Non-soiling the surface
Color grey